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Stomach Pains [31 Dec 2007|10:54am]

I'm just over 17 weeks pregnant. I had gastric bypass in July 2006. For about 5-6 weeks now, I've been feeling extremely sharp pain in my stomach and is getting worse every day. This pain is exactly where my new stomach is and in only in about a 1 1/2 inch space. It literally feels like my staples are being pulled. Kinda like if you pull apart a stapled bag and the staples pull apart and rip the bag. That's the best way to describe it. I went to see my PCP about it because I moved 1,000 miles away from my surgeon. Her answer.... I'm pregnant! That's why I'm feeling this pain. When I forced her to finally listen to me about this pain, she said she wasn't going to do anything. I was pregnant and I have a baby growing in me and it's just indigestion. I know what indigestion feels like and this is not it. It gets so bad at times that all I can do at times is lay curled into a ball. If I straighten out, I scream in pain. I know what they can do for me right now is limited, but I know I'm not crazy and this is not indigestion! Has anyone else felt something like this while pregnant? I live in a small town where there are no doctors that know anything about wls surgery. I would need to drive almost 2 hours to find a wls doctor/surgeon and can't see one without a referral.

Is this pain normal? Or should I continue to have yelling matches with my doctor about this?
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Oh man ... [09 Sep 2007|11:45pm]

[ mood | thirsty ]

Alright, I'm 34 1/2 weeks pregnant, and now if I lay on my left side, the baby has a field day with my port and it causes that whole muscle to CRAMP! It's the strangest thing I've ever felt in my life!! I know everyone says laying on your left side is the best for pregnancy, but I'm actually most comfortable on my back. I think they say your back is bad because of all that "extra weight," but I lost 120 lbs in the year before I got pregnant, so a little 6 pound baby nesting there is nothing! I've known TRUE back pain! Hahahaha!

Hope everyone is well ... I'm ready for this baby to be born!! :D

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Hi! [31 Jul 2007|01:41pm]

Hello, I just joined this community... so I'll tell you a little about me =)

I am 33 years old, pregnant with my 4th biological child (2 stepchildren, so yes this is our 6th, yes all live with us full time).. I am nearly 18 weeks pregnant, due January 4, 2008. I had a DS in March 2005. I lost 112 lbs, and pre-pregnancy was of a normal BMI and weight - top end of normal, but normal nonetheless. Actually, i have gained 0 lbs at this point, so I suppose I am still right where I was, except with a big ol belly ;)

I had all 3 of my older children as an overweight girl... so this time is TOTALLY new to me - nothing is the same, except for the fact that I don't seem to gain much weight during pregnancy - I ended up under pre-pregnancy weight with all 3 of my older children, that trend doesn't appear to be disappearing at this point. I had gained 2 lbs, but lost it - not on purpose.. though, I am havinga MUCH harder time adjusting to getting bigger than I thought I would..

Labs are all ok, I am slightly low in potassium and iron, other than that things appear to be ok.

I look forward to this journey with you guys, and any insight you can provide - though I've had kids before, this might as well be my first in many regards.
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LAP Band and Morning Sickness [14 Mar 2007|02:29pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Hey everyone ... I had the LAP band surgery one year ago today ... I'm about nine weeks pregnant, and my morning sickness has reared its ugly head.  I am nauseous constantly and "heaving" at least twice a day.  Nothing comes back up through the band, so my body just retches and when it's over I hurt so bad.  I'm worried I'm going to rupture my stomach.  Has anyone else had this problem??  I called my doctor and they made an appointment for me to get my fluid out.  I'm so worried about how that's going to affect me.  Any insight is appreciated!!  

P.S.  I've tried everything to take care of the nausea ~ crackers, raw ginger, accupressure bands, you name it!  :)  Nothing works.  :(

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33 weeks and strange stomach pain [22 Feb 2007|03:52pm]

Yesterday was my monthly OB appointment. I am 33 weeks, measuring 33 cm and lost 2 pounds from my last appointment. Baby's heartbeat was strong in the high 140's and the little booger is breech. Yep, she did a quick ultrasound and his little head is sitting right under my right breast and his arms and legs are stretched across to my left side. Which explains the harsh kicks I feel on the left. Also, what I thought was him putting his toes up in my ribs and pulling down is probably him reaching up and grabbing at my ribs. Like he's doing a little fetal workout in the womb or something. Crazy little booger. I go for a more intense ultrasound on Tuesday and perhaps he will have turned by then--he better start thinking about turning soon. UG. 

On a different note, I've been having these episodes of severe stomach/back pain followed by heat flashes and nausea. They have been coming and going the entire pregnancy but in the last month gotten quite worse. Monday the pain started and pretty much didn't go away all day only to be set off big time by some wonderful Thai food on Monday night. When I saw the doctor Tuesday morning, she gave me to start taking this script for Prevacid that I had and see if that didn't help. If it did, great, if not, we'd talk to General Surgery. Well two hours later I had to leave Bible Study early as I couldn't bare the pain anymore. I brought Gunnar home and called the doctor. Finally heard back from her and she told me to go to the ER. Thank GOD for my friend Kristy who sat with me while I was waiitng for the doctor to call and then took me to the ER and took Gunnar home with her. I was able to get ahold of Chris to meet me at the ER too. Well, I spoke with the General Surgeon and they did some tests to make sure I wasn't bleeding from the stomach and they think it is acid related due to the fact that the baby is causing things in me to be crushed in an unusual way. She doubled the prevacid dosage and had me make an appointment for an endoscopy next week. If the meds make me feel better I am to cancel the endoscopy appt until after the baby is here. If the pain continues I will have the procedure done. I really don't want to do that while still pregnant as you have to go under but she assured me that they do surgeries on pregnant women all of the time. So I am going back to my Ritz cracker and string cheese diet, bland bland food, no more Thai for me until baby L arrives. Boo hoo. 

I am thankful it's not a bleeding ulcer as they would have operated first thing this morning and I am just not prepared for that right now. 

I will say I was most impressed with the ER here--we were in and out in 2 hours and that's with them giving me the Army mandatory IV. Chris says they never let you leave until they pump you full of fluid. They claimed I was dehydrated but I am not sure how that could be considering I peed twice while there and that they had no problems finding a vein to put the IV port into. I was in quite a bit of pain again last night but felt better after a full nights sleep. And I don't think I moved last night as I woke up in the same position I fell asleep in. It was nice not to be up and down all night for once, but I wouldn't want to go through all of that again just for a night of sleep. 

So that's basically it for right now. My next OB check is at 36 weeks on the 14th of March. Hope he turns by then--most babies turn around 28 weeks. It's not completely unusual for them to remain breech until close to delivery, but I'll feel better if he turns sooner rather than later. Afterall, he's only getting bigger and his space is quickly running out. My baby shower is this weekend and I am really looking forward to that!

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12 WEEKS PREGNANT WITH PICTURE [25 Sep 2006|07:40pm]

I had my first prenatal appointment this morning. It went well.
They did an internal ultrasound and we were able to get some pretty decent pictures of the little jumping bean. The little fetus didn't want to stay still so we weren't able to get a count on its heartbeat, but we were able to see it fluttering around in there! The baby measures just over 5cm, which is about 2 inches. I am measuring 12 weeks, 2 days--that puts my due date around 8 April. If I opt for another C-section they will do it a week before that date... Still not sure what I want to do on that front. I am doing good--all of my vitamin levels were good, my iron and protein were a little low but not dangerously, I just need to stay on top of getting enough iron and protein in. I've lost 3 pounds since my initial orientation visit.
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Weight Gain [05 Jul 2006|09:13pm]

Just curious to know what OBs have said to other folks about recommended weight gain. I am hungry all the time now and eating more than I used to. I am a little freaked out about gaining TOO much weight. My OB has had multiple post gastric patients and mentioned they tended to gain more than your typical pregnant woman. I have been searching the net and all the usual sources but have not found any hard and fast rules.

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Prenatal Vitamin Recommendations? [11 Jun 2006|03:46pm]

[ mood | nauseated ]

My name is Jessica and I am currently in my first trimester (week 6) of my first pregnancy. I had WLS almost two years ago now.

I was wondering if anyone has found a good WLS friendly prenatal vitamin? I am taking WLS vitamins right now that give me twice what I need normally, but they are super expensive, not specifically prenatals and hard to choke down at times. My OB thinks they will be fine, but I am hoping one of you has found something you love.

Also, did anyone else freak out about how hungry they got when they were pregnant? This urge to eat all the time is freaking me out. I am worried I am going to gain a million pounds if I keep eating this way.


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HI!!!! [04 Jun 2006|07:06pm]

[ mood | excited ]

My name is Jessica and I found out a few weeks ago that I am pregnant. I am 5 weeks due February 1st. I had WLS in August of 2004. I am so excited! I have had one doctor appointment and an ultrasound so far. I am still looking for a good OBGYN in Washington state that is used to dealing with WLS patients. Any recommendations are welcomed!!!

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Long Time No See... [13 Feb 2006|03:24pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Wow, I've been a big booger. I haven't posted here in FOREVER. Sorry about that. Things have been mighty hectic.
I got a new job with the Alaska State Fire Marshals office, thank god, things are very busy at work and I really enjoy my new boss and coworkers....so much fun.
It'll be interesting to have a baby in this line of work. :) Next year, my husband and I, plan on "getting busy" and having babies. hehe :)

Anywho, I wanted to stop by and say HI and also I added some stuff to the info page - please stop by and take a look and feel free to email me. :)

Thanks a bunch everyone - you're all wonderful *hugs*


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[05 Oct 2005|01:51pm]

Tomorrow, Oct 6, 8 am: Blood test to verify pregnancy
Oct 17: 3 pm: medical history with nurse
Nov 4: First OB appointment, FIRST ULTRASOUND!

*Crossposted to irenes,itty_ooda*
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It worked! [01 Oct 2005|09:25pm]

I'm about 15 months out from surgery and ...

I'm pregnant! Peed on a stick today and got two lines!

I'll be making an appointment to go to an obstetrician some time this coming week to get everything confirmed and squared away. I'm planning to call all over town and see if I can find anyone that has worked with post ops before. In fact, I'll call my surgeon's office and see if they have any recommendations.

I'm not any farther than 2 or 3 weeks along so I shoud be due some time in June.
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Names [22 Sep 2005|06:01pm]

[ mood | calm ]

If you are pregnant, or are considering becoming pregnant what names would you like?

I'll go first :P heh

I want 2 girls and a boy, I WILL have 2 girls and a boy hehehe :)

My girl names are:

Cadence Marnez
Cadence = Latin for rhythm
Marnez = My moms name

Mea Nadia
Mea = Italian for Mine
Nadia = Slavic for Hopeful

My boy name (this was the hardest name for my husband and I to agree on)
Brennan Kane
Brennan = Celtic/Gaelic for Raven-like
Kane = Celtic/Gaelic for Honor, Tribute

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Intro [19 Sep 2005|04:30pm]

Hi everyone, I posted some pregnancy related questions to the life_after_wls community a little while, back, I just figured I'd start out the action here by reposting that in the interest of an icebreaker and getting some more input.

I'm 14 months out and attempting to get pregnant. I'm also about ready to re-up on vitamins as my current stock is getting low so I thought it might be a good time to get some prenatals. Does anyone have any advice about what type of prenatals will be best for me? I know I've heard people mention that certain types of prenatals caused them some problem. Also, I assume that I'll need to continue taking extra B-12. Is there anything else that I'll need to take in addition to those?

Also, I'd really like to find an OB-Gyn who has experience with bariatric patients so that I don't just get that blank stare that I get from my PCP when I ask about things like what my goal weight should taking my bone denity and extra skin into account. She looked at me like I had two heads, pointed at the BMI chart and said that I should be 145. Ummmm. No. (I'm still 210 and still need to lose more, but there's no way in HELL that I need to lose 65 more pounds. I'm 5'6 and in a 14 already and have bones sticking out all over).

So, to sum up ... what vitamins (prenatal and other)?
How to find the right OB/Gyn?
Other bariatric surgery/pregnancy related resources
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[18 Sep 2005|11:34am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

YEAH! I'm happy oh so happy! In just about 12 hours there's already people signing up for the community. This is awesome. :)

I feel teh love. :D

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test [17 Sep 2005|10:58pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

This is a test of the emergency broadcast system, if this were a real emergency, it wouldn't be posted on LJ. :P



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