Pandorah's Box of Secrets (pandorah) wrote in wls_pregnancy,
Pandorah's Box of Secrets


Hello, I just joined this community... so I'll tell you a little about me =)

I am 33 years old, pregnant with my 4th biological child (2 stepchildren, so yes this is our 6th, yes all live with us full time).. I am nearly 18 weeks pregnant, due January 4, 2008. I had a DS in March 2005. I lost 112 lbs, and pre-pregnancy was of a normal BMI and weight - top end of normal, but normal nonetheless. Actually, i have gained 0 lbs at this point, so I suppose I am still right where I was, except with a big ol belly ;)

I had all 3 of my older children as an overweight girl... so this time is TOTALLY new to me - nothing is the same, except for the fact that I don't seem to gain much weight during pregnancy - I ended up under pre-pregnancy weight with all 3 of my older children, that trend doesn't appear to be disappearing at this point. I had gained 2 lbs, but lost it - not on purpose.. though, I am havinga MUCH harder time adjusting to getting bigger than I thought I would..

Labs are all ok, I am slightly low in potassium and iron, other than that things appear to be ok.

I look forward to this journey with you guys, and any insight you can provide - though I've had kids before, this might as well be my first in many regards.
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