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WLS Pregnancy Community

WLS Prengancy Community and Support

WLS Pregnancy Community and Support Journal
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This community is for those females, and males, considering parenthood who have had gastric bypass (weight loss surgery) or are considering having it and have questions about pregnancy.

A few minor rules

1) No flaming, rude comments or drama will be tolerated
2) No question is a stupid question
3) If posting a HUGE post or photos use the LJ cut tag
4) Please be respectful of others and their feelings, positive feedback is ALWAYS welcomed.
5) Enjoy :)

If anyone has any suggestions for this community please feel free to email me at: druidess@alaska.net TOPIC: WLS pregnancy suggestions.

I would like to assign another headcheese to the community board if you would like to be considered to help monitor the community or would like to suggest a community member please email me at: druidess@alaska.net TOPIC: monitor help

Also - if you are pregnant please email me at: druidess@alaska.net with your estimated DD and any info and we'll put some stuff up for you on the info page TOPIC: pregnancy DD.

AND - if you've just had a baby (recently or otherwise) and would like to have some info posted on our info page about your newest family member please email me info at: druidess@alaska.net TOPIC: newest family edition

P.S. - reason I ask for the specific topics is my spam filter is extremely PICKY and if I don't have a certain topic I wont know what to look for. LOL

Note worthy communities WLS, Gastric Bypass,and bariatrics